Pascale Bernard is the creator of the innovative and unique concept IPE Therapy. She is also a therapist & instructor in the US, Asia, EU.

The IPE method is a bridge towards the self, well-being and health, to integrate consciousness on the path to self-evolution.

Our life story and our ancestors’ memories become our biology.
What is not expressed is imprinted!
Let’s bring to light our secret memories.

The body knows everything, it speaks to us and expresses itself through pains and sufferings:
etoile-therapie Learn how to listen to the body.

Our complex energy systems and cells record everything:
etoile-therapie Learn how to free old or ancestral traumatic memories before they reach our body, our organs, our psyche.

The Mind, which conveys our thoughts, is often lead astray by our non-sensical way of life which has deviated from its pathway:
etoile-therapie Learn how to change and free our thoughts to be able to find our life’s pathway.

My life’s journey…

Throughout my life, I’ve had intense experiences and multiple traumas which, once overcome, made me «grow» and evolve. This enabled me to access inner resources (which await to be awakened and revealed in each of us) and to, ultimately, understand Human Beings in their globality and their complexity.

My years of training and my experience as a therapist and Nutripuncture® instructor have made it possible for me to gain an in-depth and subtle experience of psycho-energetic systems and cellular information. After analyzing the results obtained, I decided to broaden the application of Nutri and to create the innovative method IPE Therapy. Read more about Pascale…>>


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