Some IPE therapy tools :

Expressing oneself verbally, first, as what is not expressed is imprinted !

Secondly, therapeutic techniques and tools making it possible to rapidly free the cells and the energy systems from these memories on a long term basis, even once and for all.

Nutri® (*):
etoile-therapie Help correct and restore vital energy.
etoile-therapie Are dietary supplements made with micro doses of trace elements, which have the particularity of regulating our life energy flowing through our body’s meridians.
etoile-therapie Are based on ancient Asian knowledge.
etoile-therapie Have no side effects; can be taken by everyone and are biocompatible.

Taking Nutri morning and evening could be defined as «acupuncture without needles».

Restoring the correct information in the body makes it possible for the individual to acknowledge the traumas responsible for the traumatic memories and for his/her energy to flow freely once again…
etoile-therapie IPE Therapy allows for a more in-depth psycho-energy work at the memory level than acupuncture and is long-lasting, painless and fast.
etoile-therapie IPE Therapy work focuses on freeing memories.
etoile-therapie IPE Therapy enables the correct vibratory information to be received regularly and over several weeks, which, in turn, allows our energy systems to record and engrave this information free of stress and traumas.

(*) Nutripuncture® and Nutri® are registered trademarks of the company PRONUTRI.

IPE therapy is an innovative, original and exclusive method, which regulates our vital currents and frees our traumatic memories. The IPE therapist does not perform any medical act nor does he/she provide a diagnostic. This harmonizing work does not exempt clients from consulting a doctor, from having a medical follow-up or from taking medicine prescribed by a doctor.