An Encounter with Pascale Bernard : Anything but an ordinary life…
Therapist and instructor in integrative psycho energetic therapy, Pascale has had quite an unusual life and continues to carve her way against all odds. She will be in Singapore in April to meet with her ever-growing public ; at times sceptical and at times won over…


Could you explain to us what your work is about?

My work as a therapist in integrative psycho energetic therapy is based on the notions of the body’s physicality and energy, on psychology and on a deep understanding of how memories impact our energy systems and our cells.
I act as a “detective” by looking for unbalanced energy systems in a person.
I identify them, localize them and work my way back to the origin of these disturbances. One of the requirements for this work is to be able to understand the origins of these disturbances which can be, at times, even often times, trans-generational. Identifying and understanding the disturbances existing in the energy systems enables me to then work on the cells to free them from these memories and deactivate the encoding.

One of the main tools I use are Nutri.
These are dietary supplements made with micro doses of trace elements which have the particularity of regulating our life energy flowing through our body’s meridians.
Taking Nutri morning and night is similar to having 2 acupuncture sessions per day. It enables the correct vibratory information to be received regularly and, over several weeks, it allows our energy systems to record and engrave this information free of ancient stress and traumas.

Who are your clients?

Good question … Individuals come to me either after having attended one of my classes or they come by way of word of mouth.

The majority of my clients are women, although I’ve noticed a significant increase in male patients in the last 2 years. Often times, husbands experience first hand the positive changes undergone by their wives, start asking themselves questions and end up coming to see me. The reverse can also happen but it’s less common.
My cleints are of all ages, from childhood to seniors – the oldest being 85 years old !, with a majority of individuals between the ages of 38 and 45 who frequently find themselves at a real turning point in their lives.

Two different kinds of motivation push people to consult me:
– For the first group, it is a need for personal development and support (due to family or professional changes or a relationship breakup); these are individuals wishing to work on their personal growth and / or do complementary work to a psychotherapy, for pregnancy support, sexuality evolution support, or to improve their social or personal relationships.
– The second category of clients are individuals suffering physically and / or psychologically (chronic illness for which modern medicine has but few solutions, depression, unhappiness, unexplained fatigue, insomnia, repeated emotional problems or relationship issues, bone or joint problems, hormonal imbalances, skin problems, serious illness or degenerative disease). IPE therapy is then used in complement of allopathic medecine.

All kinds of different individuals consult me but they all have the same need for global therapeutic help as well as a broader vision of their problems and of the «gentle» and, especially long-lasting, alternative solutions that exist to solve them.

Could you describe to us the genesis of your therapeutic work , how did it all began?

My life’s journey contains 3 journeys … so far !
– A cultural journey as I first started out with a university diploma in history and in history of art ;
– A business journey as I studied in corporate strategic management from ESCP Europe (in Paris, France)
– Finally, a therapeutic jouney by way of my personal experiences, my training, my practice and my teaching.

Since the very beginning, I’ve always chosen to use homeopathy, acupuncture and energy therapies for myself and my three children. In 1991, I tried Nutri for the first time. In June of 2001, my life took a dramatic turn when I found out that my 13 year old son, Guillaume, had cancer. In June 2003, I realized that modern medecine was powerless to cure my son and that he was going to die.
My maternal instinct, my sensitivity, my intuition came together and lead me to alternative medicine and doctors and to psycho-energetic therapies to do «everything that could be done so that Guillaume would live». And he did ! I turned to 6 different therapies to cure him, including Nutripuncture which played an important role in his recovery. Guillaume took Nutri from 2003 to 2009.
Discovering alternative medicine and energetic therapies was a true revelation for me which literally « carried me off » towards new worlds of knowledge, each more interesting than the other. It quite simply changed my life.
My findings about Nutri are that they work in an in-depth and subtle way ; they enable an awareness and a psycho-behavioral harmonization to take place at a personal and family level. My children and I noticed that our « well-being » increased, that our respective healths improved, that our family relationships were harmonious despite life difficulties, that our lives were becoming more and more meaningful.

I thus decided to learn more and study these energetic therapies, in parallel to my full-time work as sales director in an American company based in Paris. My sensitivity, my intuition and the solutions I had found and implemented had contributed to Guillaume being cured. It was to be the same for me who had a serious disabling bone disease for which modern medecine had no solutions and for several persons close to me whom I helped. I needed to go beyond.
After experiencing the benefits of these energetic therapies, I needed to understand how they worked, to study them so I could in turn help others and pass on that knowledge. I thus decided to study Nutripuncture in-depth as well as other therapeutic techniques, to train as a therapist so I could help as many people as possible. That is how I became a Nutripuncture instructor, which I have been for 4 years now, in Singapore and in the U.S. where I train many therapists.

My research and my experience led me to create IPE Therapy (Integrative Pyscho Energetic Therapy) in which I include, among other things, a novel way of understanding cellular information – which is loaded with memories from our lives and our ancestors – of understanding the memories’ encoding and their inter-connectivity. Today my goal is to continue my research in conjunction with my therapist’s work and to train more and more people.

Which is your most wonderful client story?

There is of course the story of my family and of my son Guillaume, now 28 years old, who has been working for a humanitarian NGO in Africa for the past 4 years.
Concerning my clients, there are many wonderful stories !
Here are a few : A husband and wife’s reconciliation : They were parents to 2 teenage children and had been going through a major marriage crisis and were in the process of divorcing.
Or the reintegration of a 5 year old child into the regular school system after having been initially placed into a specialized school due to a growth and mental delay, the cause of which doctors could not understand.
I can give you a more detailed example, that of Mrs. J., 75 years old, who came to see me in January 2013 regarding unbearable bone pain. The pain was so bad that she had to stay immobilized several hours per day and drug herself with pain killers. Her only wish to me was “I don’t want to suffer anymore, it’s just too hard…”. I could not meet her request. But I explained to her that it was important to do in-depth work on the origins of her bone problem – the engraved memories and the encoding – to try and stop this bone destruction phenomenon which could be seen on her x-rays. Her initial reaction to my response was disappointment and scepticism, but she however agreed to give it a try “just to see », as nothing else had been able to help her so far. I will spare you the technical details but I can confirm the following facts: By March 2013, Mrs. J. wasn’t taking any pain killers anymore and was doing much better. In June 2013, she resumed a normal and active pain-free life, living fully again. “I feel 10 years younger and I don’t have any more pain” she confided in me. This healing wasn’t due to a miracle but rather to work done on the decoding of memories and the use of therapeutic tools. And since it’s never too late to start, Mrs. J.‘s 80 year old husband came to see me to feel younger too ! Today, at 82 years old, he lives the life of a “young man” according to hs wife.

What is your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge is common to all individuals who work in alternative therapies, that is having our work fully recognized for what it is by modern medicine, as they are complementary. I very often quote this metaphor to help people understand my work:
“Physical and psychological illness is like a fire. It has flames, wood and embers.
The fire can go out but, if there are any embers or pieces of wood left, all it takes is a gust of wind for the fire to start up again”.
Medicine manages the fire. IPE Therapy (Integrative Psycho Energetic Therapy) removes the logs and puts out the embers. The challenge consists in imparting this knowledge and accurately and reliably training new therapists so as to professionalize and regulate this line of work. That way, more and more people can be helped before theirs problems go up in flames or can benefit from support during an illness to avoid that the embers become alighted again.

What does a typical day look like for you?

It’s difficult for me to answer this question. In my line of work, there is no “typical day”. What’s important is to stay energetically and psychologically centered and balanced so as to be as open and receptive as possible in my therapeutic relationship with my clients.
A typical day could be summed up as such: To constantly be in the present moment and the openness to others, in welcoming what each person expresses as a whole.
A typical day implies “TO BE” and not “TO DO”.
What are you most proud of, what is your biggest satisfaction?

There is no pride. Personally, I have a profound happiness, therefore satistaction, in having been able to find my life’s pathway and to create a daily path of personal evolution out of my life experiences.
What’s important is not the goal at the end of the road but the landscape and the light which change at every step we take.
My satisfaction comes from having been able to overcome so many trials in my life and, today, I am fully aware that these trials are the building blocks of who I am now : a happy and fullfilled woman, aware of who she is. For this, I need to thank all the wise individuals who accompanied me and helped me get out of my « cavern » to accomplish a beautiful inner journey.

What will tomorrow be made of?

The present moment being paramount, it’s impossible for me to answer this question. Consequently, I continue my therapist work and my research on a daily basis with, additionnally, the goal to impart my experience and my knowledge to others by way of my IPE Institut classes.