My method

My approach

 Physical and psychological illness is like a fire.
It has flames, wood and embers.
The fire can go out but, if there are any embers or pieces of wood left, all it takes is a gust of wind for the fire to start up again”.

Medicine manages the fire. IPE Therapy removes the logs and puts out the embers.

My method 

I act as a detective !

etoile-therapie I actively listen to understand the subtle hidden meaning of words and what they reveal of an individual’s deep psycho-energetic being.
etoile-therapie I question the body. It knows everything and reveals to us fundamental and buried information which we are not aware of.

I identify:
etoile-therapie The disturbances impacting the energy systems and the cells,
etoile-therapie Traumatic, unconscious, painful or destructive stress and the memories associated with it.

I search for:
etoile-therapie The origin of traumatic memories and their location.
etoile-therapie The encoding of cellular memories and memory links.
etoile-therapie Where and how these memories express and manifest themselves.

I connect all this information to go to the source of the problems and understand the systems of disturbances which have set themselves in. In other words, I look for places and keys to open doors and free memories.