Emerging from one’s chrysalis to center on the self!  papilllon-page-blog

This method benefits people of all ages, from children to senior individuals. It can be used in various circumstances and to help solve or transform many problems…

Personal development and evolution

Discover or rediscover and access:
etoile-therapie our vital energy and a profound sense of well-being,
etoile-therapie a clearer, more serene and fairer way of communicating with others,
etoile-therapie serenely deal with life’s responsibilities, choices and unforeseen events,
etoile-therapie our female or male individual expression.

Work in-depth on:
etoile-therapie conscious or unconscious sufferings,
etoile-therapie family and couple relationships , break-ups,
etoile-therapie work-related stress or communication difficulties, workplace harassment,
etoile-therapie childhood and teenage years (which can be difficult at times)

IPE Therapy works as support to traditional medical treatments and brings complementary help to other therapies in many situations.

For example:
etoile-therapie chronic illnesses, fatigue and pain,
etoile-therapie all physical and psychological traumas, accidents,
etoile-therapie depression, melancholia,
etoile-therapie post-surgery or anesthesia side-effects,
etoile-therapie pregnancy difficulties which don’t have known medical reasons.

…And help for various other situations:

etoile-therapie as support to a sport routine or a sport competition preparation,
etoile-therapie as support for academic or university exams.couple-ok

Rediscovering one’s individuality and one’s female or male expression as well as one’s vital energy, and freeing oneself from traumatic memories, makes it possible for us to preserve our physical and psychological youthfulness, even to rejuvenate ourselves!